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Frontline Cycles is all about performance. We have been the leader in dyno tuning on the front range for many years. Whether you want to squeeze the last bit of HP out of your stock 80" or 88", or you want to drop in a monster Merch 131" with fuel injection, we are the shop for you. Mikuni, S&S, Crane, JIMS, Merch, Baker, Dynojet, Ness, Legend, Daytec, whatever you choose, we know what performs.
Bring your bike into our shop, and we guarantee, when it leaves , it will be running (and looking) better than ever.

The only way to tune a motorcycle accurately, whether it be jetting or timing, or just wanting to know how much horsepower and torque your motorcycle is putting out.
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Handported heads are accurately measured for air flow and velocity to optimize performance.
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Sunnen VGS20 Cyclinder head machine for cutting the most accurate valve seats.
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Frontline Cycles sponsors Bonneville Motorcycle

In Oct. 2002, Frontline helped shatter the MPS-F modified partial streamline - fuel 1650CC land speed record! Destroying the previous record of 159MPH, tuning in at 202.989MPH!!!
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